Work Samples Online:
Papers published:
-"Impact of Iranian nuclear crises on EU foreign policy and decision making"
Defensor Pacis-Defense Analyses Institute-Ministry of Defense, Greece, Issue 18, July 2006
-"Greek-Swedish Contemporary Relations — a Brief Overview"
Nordicum-Mediterraneum,March 2007.Volume 2, Number 1
University of Akureyri-Iceland
-"Greek Commercial Endeavors in the Antiquity - A Brief Account of the Ancient Commerce of Cassiterite Between Greece and Northern Europe"
Nordicum-Mediterraneum, March 2008, Volume 3, Number 1
University of Akureyri-Iceland
"Albanian explosions & the global arms contraband"
Standing Group on Organized Crime (European Consortium for Political Research), Volume 7, Issue 3, October 2008
-"A future architecture for Southeast Europe"
Collective volume with 3 papers on Security, Energy, Rule of Law
Aspen Institute/Regional governments & institutions, 2013-2014
"Syrian war effects &  the EU security"
International forum by Cluj-Napoca University (Romania) & EuroAsia institute, November 2013
-"The geo-policy of opium, Afghan drugs traffic and the fight against it after2014".
Bulgarian geopolitical society, November 2013,special edition
-"Greece: the case of "Philiki etaireia" & "Ethniki etaireia".
Centro Studi il Mediterraneo - al Mutawassit, Italy
University of Cagliari, for the December 2014 collective volume “Secret Societies in the Mediterranean Area”
"South East Europe security challenges: Syrian war,Jihadism and terrorism"
European Security & Intelligence Center/Mediterranean Center for Strategic Analysis & Intelligence, Hellas Network, 6th executive internationalsecurity forum,December 2014
-“Fight against corruption and organized crime: the case of Western Balkans”
Aspen Institute & Government of Montenegro international forum September 2015
"Nexus between Terrorism and Organized Criminals group from Balkans as threats to EU Security"
Jan Długosz University  Częstochowa- Poland, Publ. October 2015
-“Gas geopolitics in South East Europe: major actors and projects”
The Bulgarian geopolitical society and “Geopolitics journal  international conference, November 2015
"Contemporary risk assessment of extremism & terrorism in Greece"
PROJECT: Terrorism in the Balkans in the 20th and 21st century? 
Jan Długosz University  Częstochowa- Poland, Publ. End of 2017